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Activities & Adventures

Waiao Beach and Yilan county is the beginning of Taiwan's Scenic East Coast. The Gateway to the East Coast has many fun activities along the beach and in surrounding areas including, mountains, waterfalls, rivers, bike paths, mountain biking trails, hiking trails, Jiaoxi Hot Springs, snorkeling, diving, free diving, surfing, SUP, kayak, paragliding, turtle island, dolphin and whale watching tours, boat trips, fishing, biking, site-seeing, tourist shops, Toucheng Old-Street.

Waterfalls & River Tracing

Xinfeng WaterFall -- (Intermediate River Tracing)

Located in the foothills of Toucheng, this intermediate level river tracing trip is about 30-40min. each way. There is a small swimming reservior at the base and 2-3 swimming holes along the river trace. It is possible to swim under the falls and water level is deep enough for diving at times. This trek is best done in the Summer due to cold mountain stream water. A few tricky boulders make this an intermediate level river trace. NOTE: PHYSICAL FITNESS NEEDED, those with disablities or low stamina should reconsider the trip. 

You may taxi or walk from town to the base of the hike. Total journey may last 2-3 hours, please leave enough time before sunset to return from summit.

Echo Valley Waterfall -- Toucheng (Short Hike)

Echo Valley Waterfall is a not so well-known waterfall in the back mountains of Toucheng.  You can drive almost to the falls and it's an 80 meter hike down to the waterfall, but the trail is small and hard to locate.  An easy way to find it is that coming from the north, it's about 15 meters past power line pole 84. From the entrance to the small path, it only takes about 5 minutes to reach the waterfall.  

Hou Dong Keng -- Jiaoxi (Short Hike)

Houdongkeng Waterfall is small but nice. It is located in the foothills of Jiaoxi Hot Spring Village and only a 5 minute walk from the parking lot to the falls. There are 2 tiers and it is deep enough for swimming.


Paragliding at Waiao Beach

Fly off the mountain and over the beautiful rolling hills of Waiao, Yilan. Glide over the ocean and land right on the black sand beach of Waiao, Taiwan. Please contact the Waiao paragliding company directly for bookings.

Wai'Ao Paragliding (外澳飛行傘基地)
Address: #95 Shikong Road, Toucheng Village, Yilan County. (宜蘭縣頭城鎮石空路95號)

Reservation Number: 0935181191

paragliding, waiao beach, toucheng, yilan, taiwan

Turtle Island Boat Trips

TOUR BOATS -- Enjoy a comfortable boat ride along Yilan’s coast, while racing with dozens of dolphins, flying fish, and if you're lucky whales too. Explore Taiwan's only active volcano on Turtle Island. TAKE A HIKING TRIP AROUND THE NATIONAL PARK ON THE ISLAND.


turtle island boat, waiao beach, toucheng, yilan, taiwan


Take a privat chartered boat out to Turtle Island for some luxurious action. SUP, snorkeling available on boats. Please contact for details.

dolphins, turtle island, waiao beach, toucheng, yilan, taiwan


Doufu Cape (Tofu Cape)- suao

Nanfang'ao Fishing Port, there is a cape facing the ocean. The rock on the island resembles tofu (or Doufu in Chinese Pinyin); hence, the cape is named Doufu Cape. The path on the coast, that extends from the Northwest to the Southeast, has many tourist facilities. The bay is an ideal place for activities like snorkeling, etc. You may find rental shops in the area.

From Suao Train Station, take the bus 3 stops (10min.) to Tofu Cape. The Suao Harbor has a recreation area along with seafood market/restaurants.

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Beach Camping & Chill Out

Many people enjoy free camping along Taiwan's east coast. Please be respectful and clean your rubbish, put out any fires with water and not covered with sand. To avoid any issues with local communities, please avoid camping/partying around houses along the seaside. When in doubt please contact local tourism authorities or local police office for local regulations and norms.

Toucheng Old Street

Take a stroll along historical Toucheng Old street. Sample street food and take a look at the newly restored Toucheng Artists village. 

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