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Learn to surf today!

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Group class 6+$1200nt per personPlease email for bookings

  • Experienced Western and Taiwanese instructors

  • Fun and safe learning environment

  • Equipment provided (bring a towel!)

  • 2hr lesson + free one day equipment rental

  • Morning and Afternoon classes available

Surfing lessons, surf school in waiao beach, toucheng, yilan, taiwan

Our founders born and raised in California, have a lifetime of surfing and traveling experience to share with all of our students. We offer classes of all sizes, shapes and ages. Teaching surfing as a passion became a career in Waiao Beach, Taiwan over a decade ago. Waiao Surf N' Sport is located conveniently at Waiao Train Station. We combine a fun environment, professional coaching and a laidback experience! Surf School, Surf Coaching, Learn Surfing, Group Surfing Classes, Kids Surfing Classes, Family and Company Activities are all available, Please send an Email for questions!


Surfing lessons, surf school in waiao beach, toucheng, yilan, taiwan


-2hr. Surfing  lessons
-1 Night Hostel bed (500nt)
-DAILY Surf  rentals (500NT)
-WEEKLY   Surf  rentals (2000NT)


Call: 0938330735 (English)

  • When is the best time to go surfing in Wai'Ao?
    You can go surfing in Wai'Ao year-round! There are waves to ride every season. We welcome all levels of surfers to Wai'Ao at any time of the year! We are happy to get you in the water and standing on your 1st or 50th wave of your surfing journey. Summer is usually the best time for beginner surfers. The water is warm, the waves are gentle and forgiving, and the weather is typically sunny and hot. Fall, winter, and spring seasons have more consistent surf that suits beginner-intermediate to more advanced surfers. The water during these seasons cools down a bit, although it rarely gets below 20°C (68°F). The air temps can vary from below 10°C (50°F) to over 30°C (86°F). So it is always important to check local weather conditions before your visit.
  • Is it better to rent a board for the day or take a surf lesson with a surf coach?
    The answer depends on your previous surfing experiences. By taking a surf lesson with a trained surf coach you will have a far easier time: navigating the surf break, getting into the correct spots and positions to catch the wave, understanding where to lay and stand on the surfboard, have a better understanding of the sequence of moving from your belly up to your feet for longer, more successful rides, and you will receive immediate feedback and corrections. We suggest if it is your first couple of times trying surfing, or "it's been a while," then go ahead and book a lesson with one of our coaches. You will have more time to practice standing and riding versus floating and swimming.
  • What kinds of surfboards do you have?
    We have various shapes and sizes of surfboards available for rent or for surf school. Whether it is your first time surfing or you are an experienced surfer, we have a good selection of boards available. For beginner surf school, we have 8' soft foam boards. These boards are stable, safer, and easier to ride compared to traditional fiberglass hard boards. If there is a specific kind of board you want to rent or ride, please enquire by writing us an e-mail.
  • What should I bring to Wai'Ao beach?
    This depends on the season in which you visit. Since most people come during the summer: bring something to swim in, a dry change of clothes, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, water, snacks, sandals or other protective footwear as the summer sun makes the black sand beach very hot! It is always a good idea to check local weather conditions a day or two ahead of traveling out here.
  • How long is a surf lesson?
    Our surf lessons are for 2 hours. During this time you will learn the basics of surfing, some surfing safety, how to lay on the board properly, how to "pop up" or stand up on the surfboard, paddling, and how to fasten and unfasten the leg rope or leash. At the end of the lesson, you can keep the board for the rest of the day and practice your new surfing skills on the waves until sunset, free of any additional charge!
  • How many lessons should we take to understand the basics of surfing?
    Usually two lessons on two different days will help you understand the basics of surfing. After this, you should be able to maneuver the surfboard on your own, paddle for the wave, and practice standing on the moving board.
  • Can we surf other spots nearby?
    Yes! The Wai'Ao area has a variety surf spots all within walking distance, or a short drive up or down the coast. For intermediate and more advanced surfers, please enquire with us about where the waves are working on certain days or during certain conditions. We have lived in the area for many years, and will do our best to put you on the best possible waves on any given day!
  • What kind of wetsuit should I wear?
    Depending on the season and current weather conditions, you would need anything from a 3/2mm full suit (cold winter days), a 2mm spring suit (cooler fall and spring days), or a rash guard (hot summer days) to offer sun protection. We have many different types and sizes of wetsuits and rash guards available for our guests.
  • Are the waves very crowded?
    Surfing is growing in popularity in Taiwan, and every year more and more people are taking to the waves. While this is great for growing the sport and getting more people out exercising and communing with nature, it can create some issues if you're expecting more traditional surf etiquette and values. Over the summer season Wushi Harbor and Double Lions breaks are the most crowded spots with hundreds of surfers competing for waves. At our location at Wai'Ao beach, we do not get the same number of surfers in the water so there are generally no issues getting waves, or getting run over by other surfers. In the colder months (November-April), the crowds thin out and there is more space for everyone. As with many surf spots around the world, weekends and holidays see more people in the water. There are many days at Wai'Ao where we are the only ones in the water!
  • Do you offer photo and video services?
    Yes! We have photo and video services available to document your epic day on the waves. We offer hourly photo and video service for individuals or entire groups. Please contact us about pricing and video coaching services.
  • What's the best way to get to Wai'Ao beach?
    Taking public transportation from Taipei there are various options: Kuo Kuang bus 【1877】Yuanshan-Wushi Harbor(National highway no. 5)(Toucheng) Duration of The Ride: about 01hour20minute Departure Station : MRT Yuanshan Station Phone Number : 02-2595-7385 Arrival Station : Toucheng Phone Number : 039-780013 This bus also makes stops at Nangang Train Station 南港火車站 and Nangang Exhibition Center 南港展覽館 along its route to Wushi Harbor. Wai'Ao beach 外澳車站 is about a 15 minute walk north from the terminal station at Wushi Harbor. 2. Kamalan bus 臺北站 ─ 礁溪站1915B (直達) Taipei Main Station to Jiaoxi Station You can also take this bus company from the Technology Building bus station 捷運科技大樓站 in Da'an, Taipei. From Jiaoxi Transfer Station 礁溪轉運站 take either a taxi to Wai'Ao Train Station (approximately $300NTD), or walk to the Jiaoxi Train Station 礁溪火車站 (about a 10 minute walk from the Jiaoxi Transfer Station) and take the local (blue color) train to Wai'Ao Station 外澳車站 (about 13 minute train ride). 3. Capital Bus 112 礁溪轉運站礁溪火車站平常日06:00(例假日07:00)平常日21:45(例假日21:20)平常日15分(例假日10-15分)平常日30-60分(例假日20-30) {Please note the above timetable is from Jiaoxi Transfer Station 礁溪轉運站 to Taipei City Hall Station 市府轉運站. It will run the same time schedule from the Taipei City Hall Station.} Take this bus from Taipei City Hall Bus Station 市府轉運站 to Jiaoxi Transfer Station 礁溪轉運站 in Yilan. It runs often during the day. From Jiaoxi Transfer Station take either a taxi to Wai'Ao Train Station (approximately $300NTD), or walk to the Jiaoxi Train Station 礁溪火車站 (about a 10 minute walk) and take the local TRA (blue color) train north to Wai'Ao Station 外澳車站 (about 13 minute train ride). 4. TRA Local Train (blue color) that makes ALL stops. Exit the train at Wai'Ao Train Station 外澳車站, walk across the pedestrian bridge, and we are located directly across the street. You can also get a taxi from the city directly to Wai'Ao Train Station 外澳車站. It is very easy to come by car as well. There is free parking around the beach area.
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