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Getting to Waiao Beach...

Escape the city and into the Waiao Beach scene! There are different options for transportation depending on where you're coming from.

By Train...

Waiao Station is directly across the street from the beach. The train can provide the simplest transportation bring you steps from the beach off the train.

Local train, from Taipei main station direct to Waiao Station(1:40-2hr.)


By Bus...

Option 1:

Stay Late....  or    Come Early...

Late Night Rider

(or early)

You may take the bus from Taipei or other locations to Jiaoxi Hot Springs (Transfer Station) and transfer to the local train to Waiao Train Station. There are 711s and ATMs located here as there are NO ATMs IN WAIAO.

Taipei City Hall > Jiaoxi > Waiao Train Station

TIME: 5am - Midnight  -- EVERY 10 MINUTES (service suspended 1am - 5am)


Taipei Station or Tech. Building > Jiaoxi > Waiao

TIME: 5am - Midnight  -- -- EVERY 10 MINUTES (service suspended 12am - 5am)


Option 2:

Eastside Rider

Nangang Exhibition > Toucheng > Waiao

TIME: 9am - 9pm -- -- EVERY 1 HOUR

From Toucheng you may take the train or taxi to Waiao (150nt)

From Wushi Harbor-- walking to waiao (25-30 min.)


Scooter waiao beach

Scooter, beep beep!

Many people enjoy driving their scooter out from Taipei for the weekend. (About 2 hr.) Head south through the mountains of Pinglin and emerge to an incredible view overlooking the ocean!

RENTAL: Scooter rentals are available for 200-300 per day in front of the Jiaoxi Train Station (10-15min. from Waiao).

Waiao Map.png
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