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It's Turtle Island Boat Trip Season!

Don't miss out on a unique charter to one of Taiwan's easily-accessible offshore islands, full of biodiversity, history, and water sports fun. Contact us to book your trip!

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Aerial view of Guishan Island (a.k.a.Turtle Island)

Guishan Island (龜山島), or Turtle Island, is about 10 kilometers east of Toucheng Township and is the largest island of Yilan County. Guishan Island is also the only active volcano in Taiwan (it has been dormant since it last erupted in 1785). Its land area spans just under 3 square kilometers (about 1 square mile), but the small island has become a large attraction for tourists, scientists, and water enthusiasts. The island gets its name from its topography resembling that of a turtle.

On board the SailAlphalpha - 47-foot French Jenneau monohull sail boat charter.

Aboard this beautiful privately chartered sailing yacht, guests will get to sail to the milky sea of Guishan Island with an unforgettable photo op of the Tiffany blue waters created by the volcanic emissions on the sea floor. There is actually an endemic species of crab that thrive in these sulfuric waters, and which attract larger predators like whales and dolphins. So keep an eye out for them!

Guests will also get to anchor down and take a dip in the crystal-clear azure sea on the leeward side of the island all while enjoying swimming, SUP, inflatable floats, snorkeling, and free diving.

The Sail Alphalpha also provide guests with all the amenities they need to have an enjoyable day out on the water, including: a cooler stocked full of water and a case of beer or soft drinks, snacks, SUP boards along with a coach to help you get your balance, a sound system with bluetooth connection, inflatable floats, a Magic Carpet floating mat, professional captain, life jackets, and snorkeling gear. Also, if you're lucky and the seas are just right, you can take a turn at the wheel and actually pilot a sailboat for yourself!

Sailing times from Wushi Harbor Marina from April to August: Morning Session 07:00--12:00 (5 hours RT) or Afternoon Session 13:30--18:30 (5 hours RT)

Sailing times from Wushi Harbor Marina from September to October: Morning Session 06:30--11:30 (5 hours RT) or Afternoon Session 13:00--18:00 (5 hours RT)

The price for up to 10 people is: weekdays $35,000NT and weekends and holidays $42,000NT. Please note, the charter can take up to 14 people for an additional cost per person. The price includes all of the above mentioned activities and amenities.

Enjoying the views this incredible island has to offer!

You may even see whales and dolphins on your journey!

Please Note: This is not a tour that allows visitors to go onto the island. Due to the environmental protections in place on Guishan Island, there are restrictions for visitors. If you wish to climb to the top of the island and/or visit the small, formerly inhabited local village please check here: You will need to apply for a permit at least 1 month in advance.


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